Studio Job X Jantine van Peski

Studio Job creates complete identity and sculptures for new Faena District Miami Beach (hotel, residences, arts center, theatre). In order to visualize the Faena identity, Studio Job developed the Faena iconography which is used for sculptures, pavement, fences, wall paper, printed matter and also this tailor made banner. This particular piece is a ‘Fanfare Standard’ to be positioned near the entrance of the new Saxony hotel.

Studio Job collaborated with Jantine van Peski to develop this banner. She translated the design (drawing) into a padded textile banner with embroideries and fringes. The banner is completely made by hand and with the highest quality standards in mind.

design: Studio Job

theme: Faena iconography

material: polished and hand painted bronze, padded fabrics, hand stitchings, embroideries and fringes.

Flag: padding, hand stitching, embroideries and fringes.

dimension: ca. h 300 x w 165 x d 65 cm (each flag on pole)

edition: 3 poles + 6 flags

commission: Faena Group, Miami

location: Saxony Hotel, Miami Beach

photo: Loek Blonk