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Lou's Tent

Lou's Tent was originally made for Jantine van Peski's daughter for whom the designer wanted to create a cosy little house and play area. The concept behind it is centred around a blank canvas, of which there are two, which a child can draw on and make their own. The floor is made from practical, water-resistant, light-brown canvas fabric.

Despite its plainness, great attention is paid to the details of its construction. The orange stitching, brass nails and delicate leather straps make it an aesthetic, as well as playful object. Van Peski has also made a second version of this tent with green stitching.

Lou's tent is part of the Chamber #1 Collection, curated by Studio Job.

Exclusively available at Chamber: 515 W. 23rd Street NY, NY 10011

Blank canvas panels, wood, canvas fabric, brass and leather Edition of 10

Object photo by Loek Blonk Gallery photo's by Chamber NYC